Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wrestlerish for Best Newcomer 2010

It was a happy day when BlindBlimp happened upon Wrestlerish, supporting some other local talent at a chilled dive in Pretoria late 2009ish.
Pioneering the return of flannel - Wrestlerish
So happy was the day – and so energetically entertaining was Wrestlerish – that I have completely forgotten who they were supporting.
The reasoning behind the name becomes obvious when these talented lads take to the stage. At first glance they do rather come across as a collection of Breekers (half of them, at least). But the atmosphere quickly lightens as they break joyfully into their set.
We have had the pleasure of seeing Wrestlerish live on numerous occasions since that fateful day, and they have yet to disappoint. Their sets are consistently good and never fail to provide peppy, feel-good entertainment.
Their debut album, The Rude Mechanical, is worth a listen, with tracks that are smooth, exuberant, pure and energetic. Of course there's a little sorrow thrown in for good measure. Real sing-along stuff, guaranteed to make traffic a little easier to bear. Pop/rock with a bit of a folky undertone, it's a playful little thing that you will love forever.
And now they are up for Best Newcomer 2010 in the MK Awards. And bugger me if they don't deserve it! Vote by SMSing 5E to 33693.
Good luck, lads! SA Indie is in your hands.

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