Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet The Evangelist

The Gorillaz never fail to amuse, do they?
Damon Albarn has never been afraid of a bit of a challenge, and seems to have the balance between preserving a band's sound while still developing enough to keep it interesting down.
Plastic Beach is no disappointment. You can pick the tracks out of a crowd as quintessentially Gorillaz. The quirkiness and catchy beats that they are known for shines through at every turn. There is always a danger for a band to grow stale, especially when it's been around for a while, but there is just enough growth and just enough other in Plastic Beach to prove that the Gorillaz are still a force to be reckoned with. Although it can get a bit electro for my taste, it will not disappoint fans.
Of course, the real reason for this somewhat late review is so that I can stick a pic of the new band member, The Evangelist, on the blog. He/she/it/thing is awesome!
The Evangelist is the result of avalanches of fan entries and five rounds of voting to pick a winner, and looks a bit like he/she/it/thing was passed over for a role in Futurama for being a bit too freaky. You just gotta love it.
Of course, a new band member is not the end of it. There's a lot to look forward to from the Gorillaz, including the new single Doncamatic.
Their website is also worth a visit if you have a few hours to while away. Free listens, free views and a few Gorillaz-based games to play. I got stuck there for an hour before I remembered I was supposed to be writing a review. Check it out at
Say what you like about the cartoon band, there just isn't anyone else like them.

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  1. is it a JamJar?! a Calamari steak?! I just can't tell!!! BUT I LURV HE/SHE/IT/THING!