Monday, January 10, 2011

Dry your eyes, Marina Diamandis

The debut Marina & the Diamonds album, The Family Jewels, was released early in 2010 so it can hardly be considered new. But considering the distinct lack of play it has received from SA radio, Marina & the Diamonds is still virtually unknown in SA.
It's a little surprising, since Marina Diamandis' energetic electro-pop choons are sufficiently reminiscent of 80s acts such as Blondie and Transvision Vamp to appeal to the backwards morons who run SABC programming mandates.
This is not to say that Marina & the Diamonds are at all trite or uninspired. Personally I adore their feminist devil-may-care stone-cold-bitch attitude. The album is 90% energetic pep and it is my favourite album to work out to. Singles Obsessions and Mowgli's Road (the latter having received some play on the trusty TUKS FM), while philosophical and searching, never fail to cheer me up on a miserable day. It's a solidarity thing.
Marina Diamandis has been quoted to say that she is not at all happy with her level of success, telling Australian radio station Undercover FM that she views 2010 as an utter failure, particularly in relation to her lack of success in the US.
Well waaah, Marina. Dry your eyes.
As much as I love The Family Jewels, anyone with half a brain can see that it is not exactly universally appealing. The subject matter is of the type that will appeal to the rather niche market of girl-power women and gay men. (If you fall into either category, go buy it now. You won't regret it). The electro-pop style also targets that exact market. It's not exactly rock-n-roll.
I'd love to see a little more Marina & the Diamonds on the airwaves, and possibly a bar gig in Jozi but world domination is NOT on the cards for Ms Diamandis, and the sooner she gets over herself and realises this the better. Stop whining and take what you're given.

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