Monday, January 24, 2011

Superfind: Valley of the Snake

This is what we at BlindBlimp have been on about!
Here is a friggin AMAZING SA band, that has been around for-fucking-ever (five years in the music world is forever) and not a peep has been heard anywhere. well, here and there, but nowhere near as much peeping as there should be. All the time we could have been listening to The Wild Eyes, we have been subjected instead to the bastard Parlotones.
Big up to MK for showing the ridiculously awesome video for Valley of the Snake, off The Wild Eyes' 2005 album Our Love Has a Special Violence. (View it here: It's quirky, it's awkward, it's a little disturbing for no good reason. It's certainly one of the best SA music videos I've ever seen. Bugger SA. It stands up to international standards easily.
The Wild Eyes has an interesting, punk sound, with a little more melody thrown in.
I strongly recommend finding this album and buying it. Don't steal it, don't copy it, don't illegally download it. BUY the damn thing. Bands of this calibre in SA need our support. Go out and support them.

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