Wednesday, June 22, 2011

MacGyver Knife - Sewing Legend: Well crafted garage rock

An indie rock outfit from Cape Town, MacGyver Knife makes my happy place that much happier. Less pop and more garage rock, MacGyver Knife has not fallen prey to the horrifying electro trend that seems to be creeping into supposed rock bands' tracks. This glorious denial of trend following spells one thing to me: sustainability.
MacGyver Knife is true to their own vision, and are quick to reject tracks that are too familiar, according to the band. This is clear. Their debut album, Sewing Legend, is well crafted, original and gritty.
MacGyver Knife has deftly built a bridge between 90s garage rock and a more modern sound that reminds me of Float On stage Modest Mouse. While we're on that topic, MacGyver Knife could easily share a stage with Modest Mouse and the Shins and hold their own. I do not doubt this for a second.
Sewing Legend, released on 25 May 2011, is a well-balanced mix of swaying melodies, deft guitar work, and catchy beats. Now We're Even is easily one of my favourites, and Wake Up the Morning actually caused me to sit back, close my eyes and listen. A feat not many SA bands have managed.
I can't wait until this band gets gigging in Gauteng. A live show simply has to be in my future. With an MK Awards nomination already under the belt, MacGyver Knife most certainly is in yours. 

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