Saturday, January 22, 2011

Jared Leto: Talentless narcissist

Why? Why won't people shut the hell up about Jared Leto? I feel like I'm going mad. Am I the only person that sees him for the pompous self-indulgent wanker that he is? Mr 'I'm so grateful for all my fans' who then proceeds to mock a knicker-flinger for gracing him with her undies? That's not very grateful, you superficial bastard.
And whenever I point out to people that 30 Seconds to Mars is utterly overrated they come back with, “But he's so pretty.” Good for you for not even trying to defend their music, but he is not pretty enough to be allowed to get away with putting that much pretentious overproduced bullshit into the world.
30 Seconds to Mars has a formula and they stick to it. A bit of terribly “heartfelt” lyrics so deep as to have come right back to the surface, a bunch of screaming and everyone playing their instruments really loudly. All their songs are identical. Then they stick this overproduced, trite crap in an overly dramatic mini-movie video (probably because no one will hire Leto to be in real movies as anything more than back up) and girls swoon. WTF?
I miss the days when all Leto did was lean against a locker and stare into the distance. I revel in the scene in Fightclub where Edward Norton beats the crap out of him. Nothing makes me happier than watching that self-satisfied face beaten into hamburger meat. Nothing.
Leto doesn't even need fans. He's his own biggest fan. The raging narcissist is surrounded by a cloud of self-love so thick that there just isn't space for anyone else's to get through. There just aren't enough words to express how much I hate the man and his waste of a band, and how much it frustrates me that no one else seems to see how horrifyingly bad they are. Just goes to show you what the PR machine is capable of at full power.


  1. 1) His brother is prettier
    2) 30 to Mars can go to mars for all I care
    3) Seen them live once and will NEVER waste my money again (it was Coke fest though so the other bands made up for their lack-of performance)

  2. Okay let's be honest he is very good looking. I do like the music but the more I see him being interviewed the the more I see the self love come through. But then also girls throw themselves at him and when George Lopez had him on his show he told Jared that he was the most beautiful "dude" he had ever seen. So not all Jared's fault.

  3. lol, his fb profile is ALL about him. Glad that I'm not the only one who thought he loves himself a tad too much.

  4. Hyy,

    I will start off as saying, I always was a fan of his work. As an actor, then asa amusician

    I liked and still do various songs

    The only thing (I thought) I didn`t like, was his obsession with pyramids aka Illuminatti worshiper. I thought, okay. Maybe they forced him to like it


    At this years Oscars, he did a really rude/ bizarre act that in his head was probably "funnyy, cause I`m Jared Leto and I can do anything" on Anne Hathaway.

    She was posing for photos, and he was passing through and thought it would be FUNNYYEE to make dumb faces in her back. I thought it was stupid. Why? If it was on someone else, I would have undesrtood

    On somebody like.. hmm KIM KARDASHIAN ! I would have said YES! This man definetly has a sense of humour! But on Anne Hathaway ??

    She is one of the realest, most down to earth people in all that pompous Hollywood Circus. She is ..what Jared Leto actively pretends to be.. and what I hoped he was. A humble, down to earth person (but I`m afraid it`s all an act !)


    He posts pictures with him and 15 year olds
    in strange postures ?? Like, if you know you are Famous, why start controversy ? Does he want to be the next MJ ?

    This is totally opposite to the "Down to earth" street singer that he poses like

    He is RUDE

    He accused Jennifer Lawrence when she fell, that "it WAS AN ACT" !

    Well who knows, but it was still rude of him. I say BS Jared !

    Your PERSONA is an Act !

    I`m still a fan of his music.. but he is turning more an more into an Ass**** .. if he wasn`t the whole time


    Thnks for the article ! An oh, he has an obsession with his mother too, he has her like a Mother Theresa thing. I wouldn`t be surprised if there were fishy things there too

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