Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cry me a river, Princesses of Leon

Like I was going to pass up an opportunity to bitch about the Princesses of Leon again.

I don't know why they have to rub it in. We already know they're a bunch of wussies. So now the South African tour is postponed (with no clear answer whether new dates will be set or if it is cancelled altogether) so that dear little Nathan can recover from bicep surgery. That's sweet, but professionals would have found a replacement. If Bon Scott can be replaced, so can bloody Nathan Followill. He's not f*ing Axl Rose, he's a drummer. Get Rick Allen in – he can drum with one arm.
And if the Followills can't possibly go on without their kinsmen, due to them tearing up every time they think of him writing in agony because painkillers are sin, then maybe Allen can just pass on a few tips on one-armed drumming.
Better yet, can the Nightsoilmen of Leon and bring over someone awesome, like Queens of the Stone Age, or Slipknot. Something with substance. Not these overgrown momma's boys. Sies!

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  1. New dates were announced. 26 & 29 October. If this is because it takes Rick Allen this long to teach someone to play with one arm, or because it takes this long to recover from bicep surgery is unclear. - C