Friday, January 7, 2011

A lazy Sunday morning and a choonful chill

You know how sometimes a weekend just gets away from you? Things keep happening and you just keep going with it until you end up somewhere you never expected that is absolutely mind-blowing.
We had just that pleasure recently, and ended up at a random recording session at an unspecified Pretoria Factory Location.
The band (as yet to be officially named) was putting together their first 6-song demo. Since they hadn't been together for even a year, I wasn't expecting much. But I had another thing coming.
We had barely made ourselves comfortable on a dodgy couch in an unobtrusive corner when they had finished setting up and were well past sound check.
If I was impressed with the setup, I was amazed by the first run-through. A few early morning warm-up issues aside, the set was seamless. The band – Curt (lead guitar; vocals), Elezar (lead vocals; acoustic guitar), Liam (drums) and Mark (bass; vocals) – works together effortlessly. Even allowing for my blissful headacheless hangover state, the choons were pretty decent. Not just decent, they made my Sunday morning complete.
A solid rock backbone, healthy melodies, insightful lyrics and a bluesy undertone – these boys are heading for big things. Elezar's voice is smooth and he has fantastic control, holding together a band of talented and playful individuals. Drums, bass and lead guitar work together with a Pixiesesque cohesion. I just can't rave enough about this band.
2011 will see them named and playing a few gigs, so watch this space! BlindBlimp will be watching with interest.

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