Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Take That continue to dog our footsteps

There is much wisdom in the saying "There's no point in flogging a dead horse," but sometimes you just have to - if only to vent your own frustration.
This is certainly the case with the reformation of Take That's original line-up - complete with Robbie Williams. This tragic state of events begs only one question: WHY? Why are we letting these aged pretty boys put even more tripe into the world? Why is this tolerated? And why oh why do they have to be so wussy about it?
I realise they're a boy band, so wussy is the name of the game. But this is just ridiculous.
Of course they are using their own idiotic high school press-driven fued (between Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams - no one outside the UK cares) to inspire cheesy lyrics and deeply disturbing manlove videos.
From Shame - "Do you come here often?"
First came Shame - a Robbie Williams ft Gary Barlow track in which they go on about how they loved each other all along. The video basically consists of them picking each other up in a bar, stripping down to their undies after a meaningful look and then getting rid of the sexual tension by running up a mountain. Really? This seemed like a good idea at the time?
Then the whole crew joins in with The Flood, where they seem to be channeling some sort of Oxbridge brotherhood, lyrics along the same theme. Seriously. The bromance of JD and Turk has nothing on the loving stares between Gary and Robbie as they try to convince the world that they don't hate each other's very scent. And as those other three sink back into oblivion, the money comes a-rollin' in. It's enough to make a person weep. Well, certainly Howie, Jason and Mark.

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  1. And, sadly, it was the number one selling album in the UK for 2010. Kill me now.