Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stepping back to 2009

I found this little gem in my outbox today. I sent it to the publisher of a self-proclaimed 'counter-culture' magazine who was looking for a music correspondent. We had been having a lively discussion on the direction we would take, but once I sent this review (inspired by a joke about fisting by Vicky) I never heard from them again. Wonder why. 
I know it's old, but it's funny. Well, I think it's funny.

"I have to admit I was pretty excited to hear Greenday was releasing a new album. After American Idiot, I was eager for a return to the Greenday I know and love – cunningly subversive and even downright depressing hidden under peppy tunes. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that 21st Century Breakdown is nothing more than Armstrong having another go at beating us with his obvious stick.
It’s all good and well having a conscience all of a sudden - a well-known side-effect of being fisted by Bono - but does it have to be inflicted on us in such blatant monotony? I couldn’t pick a track to highlight out of the bleeding heart tedium if I wanted to. Where’s the subversion? Where’s the cunning little twists a la Macy’s Day Parade that made Greenday the last surviving vestige of Punk (as much as bathing regularly, buying your clothes instead of dragging them out of a dumpster and knowing how to play your instruments can be Punk)?
Tragically Greenday has joined the endless legions of self-flagellating, self-inflated celebrities intent on changing the world through their art, thus sacrificing the integrity and vision that made them great in the first place. As long as Greenday’s love affair with Bono continues, I doubt they will return to us. As much as I hate to say it Greenday, I think you’re sick and you should go home.

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