Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mumford & Sons - Sigh No More: Unadulterated genius

I don't know what it is about a good harmony, but man it gets me. Combine that with the warm vocals of Marcus Mumford, the easy cohesion of acoustic guitars and creative banjo use and the result is unadulterated genius.
Mumford and Sons' folk influence is clear, with undertones of blues and jazz; their choons are organic and speak to simple themes of redemption, human suffering and angst. Mumford and Sons is easily my favourite discovery of 2010. I love it when adorable boys get all philosophical.
Singling out tracks from Sigh No More is almost sacrilegious – it flows beautifully from one high point to another. But if I have to, I'd draw attention to Little Lion Man – which is tearing up the International music scene – White Blank Page and Winter Winds. They're enough to make your heart yearn for simpler times. It takes me right back to Dylan, Cash and Simon & Garfunkle.
I've only managed to catch one single, The Cave, on the ever-reliable TUKS FM, but not to worry. I'm sure the SABC will catch on in another 4 or 5 albums. I wouldn't recommend waiting though.
Sigh No More is a blind buy you will not regret. The album is chilled and melodic, with a bit of an edge and the kind of infectious choons that stay with you for days. How can you not love a band that shamelessly incorporates the flugelhorn? 

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