Monday, December 20, 2010

Desmond, Tutus & the Japanese

Craig, Nic, Doug and Shane being cool
2008 saw a huge leap in innovation for SA's music industry when Desmond & the Tutus took it upon themselves to release their (self-recorded via Awesomeland Records) debut album Tuck Shop. Their lively, oddball tunes are addictive and can keep an audience bouncing for hours on end (except, of course, when they're doing the German Modern).
Shane, Nic, Doug and Craig epitomise exuberance and fun. They really know how to involve an audience. 
Shane is also one of the (very) few men in the world who can pull off skinny jeans. It's pretty much him, and Johnny Borrell (the bastard who started the trend). And Johnny can't ALSO pull off a My Little Pony T.
The Tutus followed up Tuck Shop in 2009 with the release of an EP, __________ & the _________ and then (it seemed) promptly fell off the map. But no! They only went to the land that loves Karaoke – and that now loves the Tutus as much as we do – Japan.
A brilliant blog of their tour can be found at

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