Friday, December 24, 2010

Best Christmas song EVER - and a good cause to boot

There are so many reasons to love Johnny Borrell, and this is definitely one of them. He really, REALLY loves Christmas! And so do we!
Apparently he also believes in the development of talented youth a la Burberry Foundation, thus donating his time and talent (and waiving his fee) to create this absolutely brilliant Christmas card. Every time it is forwarded a donation is made to the Burberry Foundation and some grateful youth somewhere is developed. And since BlindBlimp is all about development, of course we feel that this card should be forwarded as much as possible.

As an added bonus your friends will giggle.

Check it out and forward it on:

For more on the Burberry Foundation:

And with that, dear friends, we sign off for the year. Have an absolutely stellar party season and check back with us on the 1st, when we will be checking back in with you, hungover, happy and ready for 2011!

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