Thursday, December 9, 2010

Feeder live at The Bassline, Newtown - 28 November 2010

Now I have to admit, Feeder is not in my top ten list of all time favourite bands. They're just so friggin happy. They did get me through my UK gap year with the wonders of Just a Day, though. So when I heard that they were playing a gig at the Bassline in Newtown I knew – the time to hesitate is through. And I was not disappointed.
Taka Hirose and new SA drummer-type
Their special brand of grunge meets pep translates wonderfully to the stage and Grant Nicholas (lead vocals and guitar) is an unstoppable pocket rocket of euphoria. He is the epitome of fun and professionalism (which is vital for a band used to touring the first world when faced with a gig in SA). He just doesn't stop.
Bassist Taka Hirose is just adorable (They're tiny, OK? I could fit one in each pocket and be the happiest girl in the world). He doesn't miss a beat and clearly enjoys what he does.
The set itself was flawless, and surprisingly heavy considering the exuberance of their better-known choons (Buck Rogers, anyone?). They wrapped up their extensive playlist, covering the classics and a few choons off the new album Renegades, with a cover of Nirvana's Breed, which firmly cemented Feeder in my mind as 100% nzima. It was fan-fucking-tastic to be able to jump around like a lunatic for an entire show again. And without any alcoholic assistance, I might ad. It's not surprising that they're one of the UK's favourite acts. I can't wait for the return.
I have to give a shoutout to The Bassline as a venue, too. I am a fan of Newtown, and The Bassline is one of the reasons for this. I struggle to find anything to detract from what was a phenomenal evening. As SA venues go, it gets a 10. - C

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