Saturday, December 11, 2010

And the dregs keep coming

Roxette? Seriously? ROXETTE?
I realise there's a certain nostalgic charm to the band, and will after a few bottles of vodka get on the dance floor and shake my ass to She's Got the Look, but only at weddings as it tends to be a better option to the rest of the play list.
The fact that people are actually paying to see these aged pseudo-rockers is more than a little depressing. I can only comfort myself by remembering that the threatened Duran Duran show had to be cancelled because they couldn't sell enough tickets. Apparently South Africans do draw the line somewhere, but why this after buying Roxette tickets is beyond me.
Harping on about this is almost pointless, as clearly tickets have sold and people are going. Why? Well, this is the country that gave birth to both Jack Parow and Die Antwoord. Sometimes being South African is just embarrassing. 
If we have to have bands that haven't done anything new since the 80s but insist on touring anyway in SA, can't we get Alice Cooper over here? Now that would be worth watching. - C

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