Monday, December 13, 2010

Official intro: Riotous wondrousness, here we come

Not having participated much in the blog thus far, I thought I would introduce myself, the other half behind BlindBump, and express what our blog is all about.

I think about all the millions of bands that are out there and I panic. How many of those millions are ass-kickingly awesome and I don’t know about it – I have not heard a whisper of their riotous wondrousness. Let’s be honest, South African media – including radio, TV and magazines – does not cater for innovative, unknown or breakthrough bands – with most scraping the barrel of third album sell-outs. I wish to find these merry troops of musical genius and make them my own until they too possibly succumb to the masses. I can’t guarantee success, I can’t even vouch for my taste, but you are welcome to join me in trying to look beyond the hype, the spoon-fed masses and what the radio stations want you to hear to something different, something more, newer and up to keeping with international music trends.

Tune in to hear us rant about bands, rave about bands, review live shows, reveal upcoming acts and follow our stumbling footsteps as we attempt to find fresh acts to worship like good little band aids.

We’re new in this space so bear with us while we get up and running. We have big plans!

- V

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  1. looking forward to learning bout new bands... absolutely love Marina & The Diamonds, Gomez (Stinky) & let's not forget Ladyhawke (who went on to work with my idol, Xtina...hehehe) & Florence (Vix)! so yes, you ladies know you're sh*t! teehee