Thursday, February 17, 2011

U2 360˚ Tour – An experience beyond words

We love contributors! The awesome Andrea Vermaak had this to say about U2’s recent appearance. Personally blindblimp is against Bono's self-righteous interfering personality, but we can’t refute U2’s legendaryness. Over to Andrea…
The phrase “epic proportions” does not cut it when it comes to the surreal U2 360˚ Tour experience. On Sunday 13 February 2011 not only did the band put on a show that stops all shows in the electrifying atmosphere of FNB Stadium in Soweto, but the monstrous, futuristic, 360˚ stage which seemed to take up half the field could have performed a show on its own and people would have paid to watch it.

The show in its entirety gives “mind-blowing” new meaning. Everyone watch in complete awe and jaws dropped to knees as colourful light and crystal clear sound was dispersed from all corners of the stage. This world record holding concert stage includes a four-legged supporting rig – nicknamed The Claw – a cylindrical video screen which expands, contracts, and moves up and down; rotating bridges between the stage; and a circular ramp which surrounded the stage. Even the drum platform rotates! It truly is a spectacular work of design genius that no one has seen the likes of before.

But, enough about the special effects. Everyone knows that U2 are social activists, promoting equality and peace. Bono delivered strong messages about the state of our world without the cheese that one would expect from a celeb. His drive for universal unity is genuine and sincere, and there is no better tool, in my opinion, than to deliver a message of hope through the power of shared emotions that one experiences through music. Carefully chosen images, maps, flags and words littered the 360˚ screen to bring the message home, including an especially filmed video message from Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

If you were there, I am sure that you will agree that there really are no adjectives yet in existence to describe the experience. Unless you were there, you really have no idea of exactly how jealous you should be of those who were.

No doubt is left in my mind that all other shows that I watch in the future will pale in comparison. No other show will stimulate as many of my senses again and leave me with the feeling of complete, fuzzy happiness and wanting more – unless U2 performs again. You must admit that it would be right of me to wonder: “What will U2 pull out next?”

Copy and photography by Andrea Vermaak

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  1. I was there and I loved it - It was a phenomenal stage, top-noch visual effect and a great performance from U2
    I was happy with the sight from my seats but would like to have experienced the show over and over from different viewpoints.

    p.s “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for” with Hugh Masekela on trumpet was a tearful moment for me