Tuesday, February 8, 2011

AGH Soweto Sessions: Celebrating Mzansi

The really nzima thing about South Africa is the sheer range of talent we have, and music we offer. Our musicians are experimental, innovative and multifaceted. And quite often ahead of the curve. They dabble in everything from blues and jazz, to hip hop, to rock, to traditional jams. And sometimes all of them at the same time. SA is never quite as Rainbow as it is when it's singing.
The AGH Soweto sessions celebrate just this glorious phenomenon.
Based at Dorothy Nyembe Park in Soweto, and ongoing throughout 2011, the Soweto Sessions aim to give voice to SA artists just striking out into the limelight, as well as artists better known to the punters. Well, who can argue with a vision like that?
The sessions take place (or so we're told) on the first Sunday of every month in 2011. Tickets are around R30 and the setup is chilled. You're welcome to bring a picnic basket and a few dozen friends and just relax while the music goes on in the background.
Aimed more at the jazz, blues, roots aesthetic, the AGH Soweto Sessions promise an eclectic mix of South African talent and a good afternoon out.

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