Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rammstein – A performance of Explosive proportions

Here it is as promised. The first contribution from our new contributor, Tanith. Rammstein review to boot.

An idea of the eyebrow-removal technique
employed by Rammstein fans
German Industrial Metallers forced themselves on a very willing Joburg audience on 11 Feb 2011.

The air oozed with Goth Rocker excitement. The lights go out and the madness begins. No MC. No opening act. All because of the amount of pyrotechnics on and around the stage. But singeing the audience's eyebrows and nose hairs was of little concern. The stage was intimidating enough without knowing that it might explode at any minute.

True to their international reputation the show was one colossal explosion of heat, awesome and flames. Being quite a distance from the stage didn’t mean I was left out of feeling the heat from the flame thrower. I’m pretty sure those who were lucky enough to be right up front are still blowing ash from various orifices.

My only crit of the whole event is that if a Goth Rocker giant stood in front of you, you were buggered for a decent view. This proved a problem as most of the crowd were freakishly tall.

Explosions, flame throwers, extreme loudness and a near intimidating stage presence. Haven’t moshed that hard and that long since the good ol’ Zeplins days in the middle of Pretoria.


  1. Well said Taniff! I agree, the only crap thing about the concert was moments of blocked view, and being a tall person myself I can imagine what it must've been like for the shorter versions of the fans. Also hated the buggery cellphonecrappycam fauxfilmmakers blocking my view with their Raspberries and what not. A smashingly great performance, wot wot!

  2. Ha ha ha @ Hannes
    I concur the hatered of "buggery cellphonecrappycam fauxfilmmakers blocking my view with their Raspberries and what not"

    come on, really, just watch the performance, be in the moment and dl someone else's crappy video from youtube