Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sleepy Eyed Fox kick-assedness kick-started

From Nashville, Sleepy Eyed Fox have finally finished recording their folk/rock debut album after two years. However, the band still needs funding for mixing/mastering and duplication and manufacturing. Having come this far and having gathered all the funding for studio time and a producer from fans, it would be a serious waste to let such an amazing band's album fall through the cracks.

Folky awesomeness, as evident in the embedded video, is how they roll. And, your charity will not be in vain, besides providing the world with sweet-ass music, starting at the $15 price point, every donation receives a specially made silk screened t-shirt, designed and made by the band. Rad.

If you're keen to help out go to or if you just wanna hear a good tune click PLAY VIDEO below.

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