Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bring Them Crooked Eagles of the Stone Age to SA! Amandla!

Joshua Homme is arguably the most talented ginger in circulation at the moment (and yes, I know Florence is a ginger). Talented and with a serious lack of concentration, Josh does rather play the field when it comes to bands.
Neither Queenly or Stone Age, Josh we salute you
Having first stepped into the limelight as cantankerous frontman (and only constant member) of Queens of the Stone Age, he quickly won the hearts and minds of those who love a little neck strain in the morning. Not content to limit himself, and unable to drum, play quitar and sing at the some time, he decided to stretch his drumming muscle with the Eagles of Death Metal. Of course anyone can be in two bands at the same time. Why stop there?
Enter Uncle Dave.
Dave Grohl enjoyed a return to drumming when he joined QOTSA for their early run. He also developed a relationship with Zepplin's John Paul Jones when Jones played pretty much everything besides the cow bell for the Foo Fighters' 2005 double album In Your Honour.
The natural progression, of course, was the glorious Superband conglomerate of Them Crooked Vultures.
My point, dear readers, is this. Isn't it time Them Crooked Eagles of the Stone Age grace South Africa with their presence? What could be more awesome than a large collection of Josh Homme's bands randomly playing each other's choons in one epic show?
Did I mention Dave Grohl would be there?
Throw in a few of Uncle Dave's more upbeat moshy choons and some Zepplin kinda-covers and we may just have the most orgasmic show in the world in a very long time. Hell, if we bring along Justin Bieber (gagged, of course) and perform the necessary rituals, we may even get Satan to give Cobain back in exchange. Goodness knows, John Paul Jones has his number. And if John has forgotten we have Inyangas aplenty to assist.
I astound myself with the gloriousness of this plan. If it could only come together.

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