Thursday, February 3, 2011

Get your ass to a Campus Invasion near you!

Campus Invasion 2011 is upon us, having completed the Potch leg and moving on to Maties tomorrow, 4 Feb.
It's hard to imagine a better way to kick off the year than Campus Invasion. The franchise is by now famous for it's contribution to the growth of SA artists on the verge of really taking off. 
Fire Through the Window at OppiKoppi 2008
This year's line-up is one of the best I've seen, with acts such as Wrestlerish, Fire Through the Window and Tidal Waves taking the stage. I just know in a year or three I'm going to be so heartily sick of hearing their names, due to rampant success and too much radio time. But right now I can only shout “Woohoo!” and get my bouncy boots on.
The occasional big names make appearances too. This year we can look forward to aKING (a band I still enjoy despite overplayedness, and that consistently delivers fantastic live sets), Zebra & Giraffe and Tumi and the Volume. 2011 really is a fantastic year for SA music.
There are a few names I would have liked to see on the line-up (Isochronous, Desmond & the Tutus and Kidofdoom spring to mind), but there is little by way of disappointment this year.
(I do wonder, however, WTF is up with Potch and Grahamstown? So many DJs, so many embarrassing moments a la Jack Parow. Campus Invasion is a clear case of 'supply and demand' and I'm afraid this just proves Gauteng is full of awesome and the rest of ya'll better catch up. Also that the makers of Campus Invasion know their audience. High five, right there.)
Wherever you may find yourself this February, popping by a Campus Invasion near you is bound to leave your heart bouncing in a joyful fashion. Tickets range from R50 – R80, depending on venue.

Remaining dates

Maties – 4 & 5 February
Cape Town – 11 February
Hatfield – 12 February
Joburg – 18 February
Grahamstown – 24 February

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