Monday, April 18, 2011

Rise Against - Engame: Teeny angst and rockin' choons

Rise Against has hit album six and is going strong. Endgame, released on 15 March 2011, holds everything we have learned to expect from Rise Against. Heartfelt, angsty lyrics, heavy guitars and a lot to jump up and down to.
I've personally always felt that it's only Tim McIlrith's softer voice that has prevented Rise Against from entering the Hard Rock arena and left them relegated to Punk. Not that Punk is a problem.

True their Punk label, Rise Against is not afraid to show their political leanings, making a stand against homophobia in Make It Stop (September's Children) – a song written specifically in memory of the tragic suicides of homosexual teenagers in the US last year. Being a big supporter of the LGBT community myself, I can only respect this move. Especially considering that Rise Against is categorised in a genre of music that is not often lauded for its tolerance.

Politics aside, Endgame is a cracking album. It's a difficult task to pick out shining tracks, because they all shine. It's one long list of glittering nzimaness. Of course Make It Stop (September's Children) is close to my heart. Disparity by Design and This is Letting Go really get your blood pumping and your moshing feet jumping.

Endgame is another fantastic offering in a long line of genius, and one can only hope that there will be more of the same in the future.

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