Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dead Alphabet: Bringing 70s American Punk into the new millennium

Dead Alphabet already has me thinking 'cool' with their name. It is strongly reminiscent of 70s American Punk and I love it. Awesome name ticked, Dead Alphabet's next step is to put together a downright impressive EP, The Kill.
The controlled but aggressive vocals of Adam Edwards remind me strongly of those of Joshua Homme. The accompaniment does not follow the jerky strains of Queens of the Stone Age, however. Dead Alphabet is more melodic, while still being well grungy and in-your-face.
The Kill, the first track on the EP is incredibly sexy, with fantastic guitar riffs that bring in the 70s rock once again. Eat you Alive, is energetic and angry. A fantastic moshy tune. I can't state with certainty that the 70s are an influence in Dead Alphabets life, but this era of raw, sincere and in-your-face rock comes through in Dead Alphabet tunes and I can only respect them for it. Of course their sound has been brought bang into the new century – no loserish throwback tracks for these boys.
I'm afraid that I promised the boys a visit to their gig last night, but missed it due to a rather heavy weekend and a desperate need of full-body hangover relief, but I don't doubt for a second that they are awesome. I didn't want to wait anymore to post this review, because the word must be spread – Dead Alphabet is the shiznizz. I can't wait to catch a gig when I'm not a zombie.
You can follow Dead Alphabet on Twitter for all the latest news (@DeadAlphabet), or join their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/DEADALPHABET?sk=info where you will find a link to the EP, The Kill. Do yourself a favour.

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