Friday, April 8, 2011

Mona: In your face awesome rock ‘n roll

Mona at KOKO in Camden, London ©Braden F
Band: Mona
Origin: Dayton, Ohio/Nashville, Tennessee
Genre: Alternative, rock

Bestowed the Brand New for 2011 title at the MTV Awards and appearing on the BBC’s Sound of 2011 poll, Mona have been receiving a lot of attention lately even though their debut album is yet to be released. The band, which was named after lead vocalist Nick Brown’s grandmother, self-produced their self-titled debut album which is due in May in their basement in Nashville, and it was mixed by producer Rich Costey (Foo Fighters, Muse, Arctic Monkeys).

Described by Rough Trade Shops as “romantic rock ‘n roll for city folk”, Mona’s sound is big, ballsy and the kinda stuff that would be amazing live. The rumour is that they are to be the next Kings of Leon and to be bigger than U2. I believe it.

To quote the blog on Mona’s website: “The only thing slick about Mona is their hair. The rest is arm-pumping, vein-throbbing, knee-jittering, raw-throated, singalong rock ‘n roll.”

Debut album: Mona [16 May 2011] (available for preview and pre-order on iTunes)
Singles: Debut single “Listen to Your Love”; second single “Trouble on the Way”; third single “Teenager”

Resembles: Kings of Leon (their new stuff), Van Halen

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