Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Strokes - Angles: A random electric mishmash of kakness

I can describe the new Strokes album, Angles, in one word: Waaaaaaah!
Man, was I happy that a new album is out. So excited. Really. And then I'm hit with some random electric mishmash of severe kakness. WTF? And, surprisingly considering the sudden high regard for electro choons, the vocal distortion that made The Strokes The Strokes, and Julian Casablancas one sexy bugger comes and goes like someone was accidentally leaning on the button and they couldn't be bothered to fix it. It must be said, that without the distortion, Casablancas kinda sounds like a 16-year-old. NOT hot.
I feel like I'm in some sort of 80s time trap. The depressing drivel on this album could come straight out of some coke-driven, psychedelic lycra-wearing, big-haired producer's wet dream. Bleh, I tell you. Bleh!
I'm all for band development and growth. Artists should try new things. But falling into Boy George's basement is not the way.
There are a few moments of sanity on Angles, where some of the band's previous genius filters through. Under Cover of Darkness – the first single – while nowhere near an accurate representation of the rest of the album, contains the usual seamless drum and guitar agreement, the energetic beats and the deep satisfaction that comes with it. You just wanna sing along. Taken For a Fool is more melancholic, and melodic. It takes a gentle walk down your spine. Gratisfaction seems to be channeling Abbey Road, to great success.
I can't, however, in good conscience recommend buying this album. Download singles as and when they become available. But Angles cannot be described as anything other than a write-off. 

If you desperately wish to assault your ears visit where, thankfully, the album is streaming. No one has to waste precious cents on this tripe. 

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