Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alan! Let's Move On - We Now Dream In Colour: A fascinating journey of electro rock (?!)

We at BlindBlimp have been keeping an eye on Alan! Let's Move On since they opened for Lucky Fonz III at Tings an Times in August 2010. Impressed by their energy and skill, and tickled by their name, we knew tabs had to be kept.
To be perfectly honest I was fully prepared to be horribly disappointed by the album, as SA bands often fall flat when recorded, no matter how good live.
I am overjoyed to report my trepidation was for nothing. We Now Dream In Colour, released on 2 March, is a fantastic, cohesive album. It flows effortlessly from track to track, drawing along a fascinating journey growing in strength and power as you travel along. Hell, Woods (track no 9) is downright hardcore. The band has a clear perspective and a crisp, finished sound. I absolutely love it.
The vocals of Louis and Daniel Knoetz harmonise beautifully, and their husky buttery voices are wonderfully juxtaposed with the electro pep that brings that extra oomph to the band. The lyrics are interestingly introspective, seeming to seek a little redemption.
Choons to look out for are Witchita (available for free download at and a great ambassador of what's to come), Albratross (less electro, more rock, could be quite moshy live), and Letters to Anna (which reminds me of a cleaner version of the Bloodhound Gang).
The only low moment, really, is Hatchett, which gets a little too electric and is stripped of all integrity as a result.
I really can't emphasise how much I digg this album, and how firmly I believe you would too. But hey, you don't have to take my word for it. The whole thing is available for streaming at Give it a listen and decide for yourself.

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